Cloth Diapers Delivered to Windsor

Lil Helper Cloth Diapers is a Toronto based company so you get your cloth diapers quickly and without paying any pesky custom charges. Windsor-cloth-diapers-diaper-covers-best-diapers-canadaThe days are not long enough and gas prices are insane- stay home. The amount of money you would spend on gas and parking, you could order some food at Taloola Cafe (one of the few reason we visit Windsor).
Or better- take the family to Jackson Park.
Just tell us what you need.


Diapers Designed by Rocket Scientists

The founders and designers of Lil Helper Cloth Diapers are Rocket Scientists (seriously) and have a bachelors and masters degree in aerospace engineering. Our natural and organic cloth diapers are manufactured with a keen eye of an engineer and look prettier than designer wear found in Louis Vuitton.

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One-Size Cloth Diaper

The same diaper will fit your munchkin from 7-35 lbs. The Lil Helper Cloth Diaper will fit your kid from birth until that lil poop machine is potty trained. Lil Helper One Size Cloth Diaper


A BETTER Cloth Diapering System

All our diapers are AI2s (All In Twos), thus convenient and cost-effective. The extremely absorbent liners are detachable from the waterproof diaper covers. Between diaper changes if the cover is not dirty just replace with a new liner. You do not have this flexibility with pocket diapers or AIO (All in Ones) that basically have to be put in the washer each-time you change your babe.

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What’s Included With Each Diaper?

Apart from the one-size waterproof diaper cover, all our diapers include two detachable liners, which have 7 layers of absorbent cloth. All liners are made with natural material like unbleached cotton or organic bamboo, thus your baby’s delicate skin is never touched by synthetic materials.
Peace of mind, great customer-service and good karma comes standard.


We Work On Your Schedule

All our cloth diapers as well as our customer service is designed keeping you- the super-busy and very good looking (ahem..) parent in mind.
If you have questions just call us toll-free (24/7) at 1-877-2-877-930.
Need help with something specific- we’ll make a video tutorial especially for you. We’ve done it for other customers- we’ll gladly do it for you.
You can always e-mail us with any questions. We get back quick.
Read what other happy customers say about our cloth diapers and customer service: Testimonials.
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Baby Do Good

Through our Baby Do Good program, for every 3 diapers purchased by you, lil helper gives a brand new one-size cloth diaper to a struggling local family. Windsor- cloth-diaper-diaper-covers-charity-philantrophy-best-cloth-diapers-canada-ontario


Secure Website and Safe Payments

Our website is encrypted, thus your information is safe and we will never sell it to a third party. Promise.
Also, we conduct all our payments through PayPal.
You can pay with your Credit or Debit Card without registering for a PayPal account!